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2010 Winter Olympics Official website

It is likely to contain information of a speculative nature and the content may change as
the event approaches and more information becomes available.
XXI Olympic Winter Games

The 2010 Winter Olympics logo was unveiled on
April 23, 2005 and is named Ilanaaq the Inunnguaq.
Ilanaaq is the Inuktitut word for friend

Host city Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nations participating 80+ (projected)
Athletes participating 5,500 (projected)
Events 86 in 7 sports
Opening ceremony February 12
Closing ceremony February 28
Stadium BC Place Stadium

related news:
Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter GamesThe 2010 Winter Olympics,
officially known as the XXI Olympic Winter Games or the 21st Winter Olympics, will be
held in 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Both the Olympic and Paralympic
Games are being organized by the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC).

The 2010 Winter Olympics will be the third Olympics hosted by Canada, and the first by
the province of British Columbia. Previously, Canada was home to the 1976 Summer
Olympics in Montreal and the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. These will also be the first
games to be held in an NHL market since the league allowed its players to participate
starting in 1998.

Following Olympic tradition, current Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan received the
Olympic flag during the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy,
which was also attended by Governor General Michaëlle Jean and Premier of British
Columbia, the host province, Gordon Campbell, himself a Vancouver native. The flag was
raised on February 28, 2006, in a special flag raising ceremony, and will be on display at
Vancouver's city hall until the Olympic opening ceremony. At the same time, Prime
Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement that the Olympic flame had begun its journey
to Vancouver.

The Call for Volunteers program was launched on February 12, 2008 to find 25,000

2010 Winter Olympics bids
The Canadian Olympic Association chose Vancouver as the Canadian candidate city over
Calgary, which sought to re-host the games and Quebec City, which had lost the 2002
Olympic bid in 1995. On the first round of voting on November 21, 1998, Vancouver-
Whistler had 26 votes, Quebec City with 25 and Calgary 21. On December 3, 1998, the
second and final round of voting occurred between the two leading contenders, which
saw Vancouver win with 40 votes compared to Quebec City's 32. The win allowed
Vancouver to prepare its bid and begin lobbying efforts internationally.

After the bid bribing scandal that took place with the 2002 Winter Olympics at Salt Lake
City (which saw Quebec City asking for compensation (CDN$8 million) for their failed 2002
bid), 1999 saw many of the rules around the bidding process change. The IOC created the
Evaluation Commission which was appointed on October 24, 2002. Prior to the bidding for
the 2008 Summer Olympics, often host cities would fly members of the IOC to their city
where they toured the city and were provided with gifts from the city. The lack of
oversight and transparency often led to allegations of money for votes. Afterward,
changes brought forth by the IOC bidding rules were tightened, and more focused on
technical aspects of candidate cities. The team analysed the candidate city features and
provided its input back to the IOC. The bid books from the three candidate cities were
submitted in January 2003 and inspections occurred before May 2003, when the final
report was submitted.

Vancouver's residents were asked in a referendum whether they accepted the
responsibilities of the host city should it win its bid. Sixty-four percent of residents
accepted the proposal. The referendum was held only in Vancouver, though the
infrastructure tab was to be picked up by the province as a whole.

Furthermore, this victory was helped by a media campaign which saw those who
supported the Olympic bid outspend those who were against the bid by 88:1.[citation
needed] Regardless, it was the first time such a referendum was successful. In
neighbouring Washington state to the south, both the state legislature and Governor Gary
Locke passed a resolution in support of Vancouver's bid, and sent it to the IOC.

Vancouver won the bidding process to host the Olympics by a vote of the International
Olympic Committee on July 2, 2003 at the 115th IOC Session held in Prague, Czech
Republic. The result was announced by IOC President Jacques Rogge.

Vancouver faced two other finalists shortlisted that same February: PyeongChang, South
Korea and Salzburg, Austria. Pyeongchang had the most votes of the three cities in the
first round of voting, in which Salzburg was eliminated. In the run-off, all but two of the
members who had voted for Salzburg voted for Vancouver.

Two years earlier, Canada had put in a bid for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Toronto, but
lost out to Beijing. British Columbia had refused to support Toronto's bid that,[5] had it
succeeded, would have ended Vancouver's chances of hosting the 2010 games as the
IOC preferred to rotate the Games among continents.

2010 Winter Olympics bidding results
City NOC Name Round 1 Round 2
Vancouver, British Columbia  Canada 40 56
PyeongChang  South Korea 51 53
Salzburg  Austria 16 -

2010 Winter Olympics
Bid process


The Olympic Flag outside the Vancouver City Hall. This particular flag was replaced with a
replica after it was stolen.The initial problem Vancouver faced in winning the bid for the
2010 Winter Olympics was fundraising for construction of venues. The Bid Committee,
and subsequently VANOC, arranged for commitments of investment on a 50/50 basis by
the federal and provincial governments, primarily for amounts to cover venue
construction costs. It later began to achieve sponsorships and donations from private
corporations and institutions. Such commitments were made enthusiastically as a chance
to build on the world prestige Vancouver already gained as host of the 1986 World's Fair
and to improve on the technological advances made during that event, like the expansion
of the SkyTrain transit system.

The expansion was a pledge of the BC government, and not the responsibility of VANOC.
Construction of the rapid transit link between Richmond, the adjacent international airport
and downtown Vancouver is now underway and is expected to be completed by late
2009. The BC government also indicated it would pay for a C$600 million upgrade of the
Sea-to-Sky Highway to accommodate increased traffic between Vancouver and Whistler,
although this highway upgrade has been overdue for more than a decade and will still not
meet the basic needs of the corridor.

The three main venues -- constructed at a cost of $580 million, about 23 percent above the
2003 bid forecasts -- have already had their work largely completed. The $40-million
Hillcrest/Nat Bailey stadium park, which will host curling, will be finished later this year.
The Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) spent $16.6 million on upgrading facilities at
Cypress, which will host the freestyle (aerials, moguls, ski cross) and snowboarding
events. The athletes' villages in Whistler and Vancouver are still under construction, as
are the main media centre in Coal Harbour and its Whistler counterpart.

As of 2004, the operational cost of the 2010 Winter Olympics is estimated to be in the
range of C$1.4 billion. In 2006, VANOC CEO John Furlong estimated it would be about
C$1.7 billion, all raised from non-government sources, primarily through sponsorships
and the auction of national broadcasting rights. C$580 million is the taxpayer-supported
budget to construct or renovate venues throughout Vancouver and Whistler, C$200
million is expected to be spent for security, of which the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
(RCMP) is the lead agency.

Logo and mascots
2010 Winter Olympics mascots
related news:
Mascots announced for 2010 Games
Newspaper campaigns to elevate Vancouver Olympic character from sidekick status.  The
2010 Winter Olympics logo was unveiled on April 23, 2005 and is named Ilanaaq the
Inunnguaq. Ilanaaq is the Inuktitut word for friend. The logo is based on the Inukshuk built
for the Northwest Territories Pavilion at Expo 86 and donated to the city of Vancouver
after the event. It is now used as a landmark on English Bay beach.

The mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games were introduced on
November 27, 2007. After the unveiling, many people were displeased with the look of the
new mascots because they represented a small population of Vancouver.  Inspired by
traditional First Nations creatures, the mascots include:

Miga - A mythical sea bear, part orca and part kermode bear.
Quatchi - A sasquatch.
Sumi - An animal guardian spirit who wears the hat of the orca whale, flies with the wings
of the mighty Thunderbird and runs on the strong furry legs of the black bear.
Mukmuk - A Vancouver Island marmot, Mukmuk is not an official mascot but acts as their
Miga and Quatchi are mascots for the Olympic Games, while Sumi is the mascot for the
Paralympic Games.

Eighty-six winter sports events have been announced as part of the 2010 Winter
Olympics. The eight sports categorized as ice sports are: bobsled, luge, skeleton, ice
hockey, figure skating, speed skating, short track speed skating, and curling. The three
sports categorized as alpine, skiing and snowboarding events are: alpine, freestyle and
snowboarding. The four sports categorized as Nordic events are: biathlon, cross country
skiing, ski jumping, and nordic combined.

Alpine skiing
Cross-country skiing
Figure skating
Freestyle skiing
Ice hockey
Nordic combined
Short track speed skating
Ski jumping
Speed skating

The opening and closing ceremonies and the events categorized as ice sports (excluding
bobsleigh, luge and skeleton) will be held in Vancouver and Richmond. The sports
categorized as "Nordic events" will be held in the Callaghan Valley located just to the
west of Whistler. All alpine skiing events will be held on Whistler Mountain (Creekside)
and sliding events (bobsleigh, luge and skeleton) will be held on Blackcomb Mountain.
Cypress Mountain (located in Cypress Provincial Park in West Vancouver) will host the
2010 freestyle skiing (aerials, moguls, and ski cross), and all 2010 snowboard events (half-
pipe, parallel giant slalom, snowboard cross).

Vancouver 2010 will also be the first winter Olympics in which both men's and women's
hockey will be played on a narrower, NHL-sized ice rink, measuring 200 ft × 85 ft (61 m ×
26 m), instead of the international size of 200 ft × 98.5 ft (61 m × 30 m). The games will be
played at General Motors Place, home of the NHL's Vancouver Canucks. This change is
expected to save $10 million (CAD) in construction costs and allow an additional 35,000
spectators to attend Olympic hockey games.

Additional events
There were a number of events proposed to be included in the 2010 Winter Olympics. On
November 28, 2006, the IOC Executive Board at their meeting in Kuwait voted to include
skicross in the official program. The Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC)
subsequently approved the event to be officially part of the Games program.

Events up for inclusion but were ultimately rejected included:

Biathlon mixed relay
Mixed doubles curling
Team alpine skiing
Team bobsled and skeleton
Team luge
Women's ski jumping

The IOC voted in 2006 not to include women's ski jumping in the 2010 Games, on the
grounds that the sport was not yet developed enough and did not meet basic criteria for
inclusion. The members of the Canadian Women Ski Jumping Team filed a grievance with
the Canadian Human Rights Board citing gender discrimination. So far the IOC has yet to
comment or change its decision.

According to lobby group Women's Ski Jumping USA, a group composed of "some of the
top women ski jumpers", will file a Statement of Claim with the Supreme Court of British
Columbia suing the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee for excluding women ski
jumpers from the Vancouver games.

The athlete's village located at South East False Creek was originally planned to be a
model sustainable community, with state of the art energy efficiency provisions, and a
mix of market and social housing, at one third market, one third social housing and one
third subsidized middle income housing. The City of Vancouver would break even
through the sale of market housing. However, a new city council in 2005 dropped the
provisions for subsidized middle income housing and then sold the lands to a private
developer for 193 million dollars, thereby erasing earlier plans for a sustainable and
socially just community.

On August 22, 2008 The Globe and Mail reported that the Harper government intended to
tie funding to the opening ceremonies to control over content. This was widely criticized
as reflecting policies of interfering with the arts and exercising ideological control.
However, the vice-president of communications for the Vancouver Olympic Organizing
Committee, Renée Smith-Valade, said the government was not bringing politics into the
2010 games and will not have veto power over any part of the Olympic ceremonies.

For the first time, the Winter Olympics will be held by the sea and some venues, including
the Richmond Olympic Oval, are at sea level. The 2010 Games will also be the first—
Winter or Summer—to have an Opening Ceremony held indoors.

Vancouver, which will be the most populous city ever to hold the Winter Games, will also
be the warmest: in February, when the Games will be held, Vancouver has an average
temperature of 4.8 °C (40.6 °F).

Greater Vancouver

BC Place Stadium - Opening and Closing Ceremonies, nightly medal presentations
Vancouver Olympic Village

A forest of cranes tower over the Olympic village being constructed on the southeastern
shore of False Creek near downtown Vancouver. Vancouver Convention & Exhibition
Centre - Media centre
Canada Hockey Place - Ice hockey (primary venue)
Pacific Coliseum - Figure skating, short track
Hillcrest Park - Curling
University of British Columbia

UBC Winter Sports Centre Ice hockey (secondary venue)

Richmond Olympic Oval - Speed Skating
West Vancouver

Cypress Mountain Resort - Freestyle skiing, snowboard

Whistler Olympic and Paralympic Village
Whistler Creekside - Alpine skiing
Whistler Olympic Park in Callaghan Valley - Biathlon, cross country skiing, Nordic
combined, ski jumping (fomerly the Whistler Nordic Venue)
Whistler Sliding Centre - bobsleigh, luge, skeleton
Due to the fact that corporate sponsorship is not allowed for an Olympic venue, GM Place
will be renamed Canada Hockey Place for the duration of the games.

Vancouver 2010 will be broadcast worldwide by a number of television broadcasters. As
rights for the 2010 games have been packaged with those for the 2012 Summer Olympics,
broadcasters will be largely identical for both events. Confirmed broadcasters include:

Nine Network and FOXTEL
TV Record, a privately owned, free-to-air channel in Brazil, will offer increased coverage
of the Olympic Games across a number of TV channels. The organisation will also acquire
the rights to air the Games across all media platforms, including TV, cable, satellite,
internet and mobile telephones.
A consortium led by CTVglobemedia and Rogers Media, expected to include CTV, TSN,
RDS, RIS, Rogers Sportsnet, OMNI Television, OLN, CTV Newsnet, Rogers radio stations,
potentially other outlets in the CTV and Rogers families, and third-party broadcasters
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Cable TV
Televisa and TV Azteca
New Zealand
Sky TV and Prime
Solar Sports
South Korea
United States
NBC Universal

Torch Relay

The clock counting down to the opening of the Olympics in downtown Vancouver.  The
Olympic Torch Relay is the transfer of the Olympic flame from Ancient Olympia, Greece -
where the first Olympic Games were held thousands of years ago - to the stadium of the
city hosting the current Olympic Games. The flame arrives just in time for the Opening

For the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the flame will first be lit in Olympia in late
2009. It will then travel from Greece, over the North Pole to Canada's high Arctic and on to
the West Coast and Vancouver. The Olympic Torch will be carried by thousands of
Canadians of all ages and cultural backgrounds: on foot, dog sled, snowmobile, horse,
plane and virtually every means of transport known to the people of Canada. The torch
relay is said to be the longest in winter Olympic history and will travel across all of
Canada on its journey to Vancouver.

For the first time in Olympic history the Olympic flame will be lit indoors, as BC Place is a
covered stadium. This has caused some speculation on how this will be accomplished, as
such a large flame burning for the required 15 days would cause environmental issues
inside the stadium. A possible solution to the problem includes installing a special
ventilation system to house the flame. It has yet to be officially stated how this problem
will be solved.


Members of the Native Warriors Society pose with the stolen Winter Olympics flag. They
stole the flag to protest the Olympics, and to honour the death of Harriet Nahanee.
Opposition to the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver has been expressed by hundreds of
activists and politicians, including Lower Mainland Mayors Derek Corrigan and Richard
Walton. Many of the public Olympic events held to date in Vancouver have been attended
by protesters. Non-violent environmental protests at Eagleridge Bluffs in West Vancouver
resulted in the arrest of over 20 people and jail time for two local women, Betty Krawczyk
and Harriet Nahanee. Protesters have also vandalized branches of the Royal Bank of
Canada, an Olympic sponsor, in Ottawa, Vancouver and Victoria.

There are several reasons for the opposition, some of which are reflected in the
documentary film Five Ring Circus. These issues include:

Large expense to taxpayers (estimated at CAN$580 million)
Destruction of the natural environment (such as Eagleridge Bluffs)
Loss of affordable housing . The Anti-Poverty Committee has promised that they would
target VANOC officials in their homes and businesses, and on 22 May 2007, "evicted" the
British Columbia Cabinet and VANOC officials by trashing their offices in downtown
Vancouver. "
Rising homelessness caused by speculation on land in the Downtown Eastside and
divergence of funds from social services to Olympic costs.  
Use, by the provincial government, of the Olympics to force through a 2 billion dollar
private public partnership funded rapid transit link from Downtown Vancouver to the
Vancouver International Airport, over other transit options
On another front, local First Nations people as well as Canadian Inuit expressed concern
over the choice of an inukshuk as the symbol of the Games, with some Inuit leaders such
as Nunavut Commissioner Peter Irniq stating that the inukshuk is a culturally important
symbol to them. He said that the "Inuit never build inuksuit with head, legs and arms. I
have seen inuksuit build more recently, 100 years maybe by non-Inuit in Nunavut, with
head, legs and arms. These are not called inuksuit. These are called inunguat, imitation of
man." Local First Peoples also expressed annoyance that the design did not reflect West
Coast native culture such as that of the Squamish or Haida, but rather that of the Inuit,
who are indigenous to the Arctic far from Vancouver. One chief also said that the design
lacked dignity, comparing it to Pac-Man. However, other First Nations and Inuit leaders
praised the design. The First Nations governments of the Squamish, Musqueam, Lil'wat
and Tsleil-Waututh (the "Four Host Nations"), on whose traditional territory the games will
be held, signed a protocol in 2004 in support of the games.
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XXI Olympic Winter Games
From the 12th to 28th February 2010


The city of Vancouver was elected Host City of the XXI Olympic
Winter Games in 2010 at the 115th IOC Session in Prague on 2
July 2003. Eight cities applied to host the Games: Andorra la Vella
in Andorra, Bern in Switzerland, Harbin in China, Jaca in Spain,
PyeongChang in Korea, Salzburg in Austria, Sarajevo in
Bosnia-Herzegovina and Vancouver in Canada.
Games of the XXX Olympiad
From the 27th July to 12th August 2012


The host city for the Games of the XXX Olympiad will be the city of
London. Following four rounds of voting by members of the
International Olympic Committee (IOC), today, at the 117th IOC Session,
in Singapore, London eventually triumphed by taking 54 votes from a
possible 104. This gave London the majority that it needed to be
elected as the host city for the 2012 Games. London had to overcome
stiff competition, however, in the form of Paris, New York, Moscow and
Madrid in its bid to get the Games.
SOCHI 2014
XXI Olympic Winter Games
February 2014

Sochi Elected as Host City of XXII Olympic Winter Games

© IOC/R. Juilliart
4 July 2007

The city of Sochi has been elected as the host city for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in 2014. The announcement has just been made by
IOC President Jacques Rogge in Guatemala City, where the IOC members are meeting.  Sochi was elected in the second round of voting with
51 votes against 47 votes for PyeongChang.

Unsurpassed Excellence
The vision of Sochi 2014 is to unite the resources of the city of Sochi, the Krasnodar region and the Russian nation to develop in Sochi
greatly needed sports and resort infrastructure, in a sustainable, inclusive, environmentally responsible manner. Their goal is to deliver
Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games of unsurpassed excellence for the athletes, the Olympic family, the Paralympic family and the world.

Inspire and Energise
The Sochi 2014 Games will provide a new gateway for winter sport in Russia. Part of its legacy will look to establish Russia’s first
international-quality training and competition facilities for Alpine skiing, sliding sports and ski jumping. The facilities in Sochi will inspire the
youth of the nation and energise the growth of winter sports, serving not only Russian athletes but also those of an entire region. All the key
Olympic infrastructure locations in Sochi have been selected to ensure maximum sustainability and legacy after the Games by addressing
existing sport, tourism and commercial infrastructure needs.

Sochi 2014 will provide the Olympic Movement with a “once-in-a-lifetime” Winter Games experience. The Sochi Olympic Park will offer an
innovative solution, situated on the Black Sea coast in an area designated for significant development. It will include all ice venues, the
Olympic Stadium, the Main Media Centre (MMC), and the main Olympic Village. It has been designed by experienced Olympic planners to
offer athletes and officials, the IOC, the media, the sponsors and spectators extraordinary convenience and opportunities to enjoy the
Games. The mountain venues will be only 49 km away from the coastal cluster and are located in the mountain region of Krasnaya Polyana,
or “Red Meadow”. The mountain venues are also clustered within a single valley, making travel times short.

The Vote
The IOC members made their choice for 2014 based on not only the candidature files and presentations made today by the delegations from
Sochi (Russia), Salzburg (Austria) and PyeongChang (Republic of Korea)*, but also on the basis of the detailed report and presentation made
by the IOC’s Evaluation Commission for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, which was chaired by IOC member Chiharu Igaya.

*Cities are listed in the order of drawing of lots

Results of the vote:

Round 1
Sochi: 34
Salzburg: 25
PyeongChang: 36

Round 2
Sochi: 51
PyeongChang: 47
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Sheraton Vancouver Guilford Hotel
$775/night with a four night minimum.  
Includes breakfast for 2.  
16 rooms available from 2/11 to 2/28.

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center Downtown
$825+ per night - (very limited email for info)

Fairmont Vancouver and Fairmont Chateau Whistler
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Rooms available on... 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
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Holiday Inn Express Surrey
22 miles from Downtown Vancouver
February 11th out on February 15th
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Vancouver Airport Hilton
February 11th out on February 14th
$599 per night (3 nights minimum)

Comfort Inn Vancouver Airport
4 miles from Canada Hockey Place
Check-in on February 11th
$399 per night (3, 4 or 5 nights minimum)

Hampton Inn Mission, BC
36 miles from Canada Hockey Place
Check-in on February 11th or 16th
$299 per night (5 nights minimum)

Hampton Inn Langley
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Comfort Inn Vancouver Airport
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$399 per night (7 nights minimum)

Comfort Inn Langley
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Check-in on February 23rd
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Hotel Georgian Court
4* Hotel, right at BC Place              
Booking periods: 18 nts (Feb 11- March 1, 2010)
21 x standard rooms                            € 650
6 x suites                                            € 750

Hotel Victorian
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Ramada Surrey Guildford
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Ramada Metrotown Suites
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Inn at Westminster Quay
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2010 Winter Games Hotel Only Packages
Vancouver & Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
February 12 - 28, 2010

Sandman Signature Hotel - Vancouver
The Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport is a 21-
story full-service hotel located 5 minutes from
Vancouver International Airport with easy access to
downtown Vancouver, Richmond, and other locations
in the Lower Mainland. Enjoy this ideally located
upscale hotel with an elegant, relaxed and comfortable
atmosphere. The Sandman Signature harmonizes the
legendary Sandman service and amenities with fresh,
contemporary design.  $550 Per Room-Per Night
Nights Check In Check Out
5           Feb 11 Feb 16
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4             Feb 25 Mar 1

Ramada Suites - Vancouver
The Ramada Hotel and Suites Vancouver is perfect for
business or leisure travelers. This Ramada hotel is
centrally located near Burnaby Business District, 15
minutes to Downtown and easily accessible from all
highways and Skytrain station access to downtown. In
the Ramada Hotel and Suites guest rooms have
complimentary wireless high speed internet
refrigerator coffee maker hair dryer iron/board
newspaper and free parking. $595 Per Room-Per Night
Nights Check In Check Out
5           Feb 11 Feb 16
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3           Feb 19 Feb 22
3           Feb 22 Feb 25
4             Feb 25 Mar 1

Downtown Vancouver PACKAGES...

Ramada Inn & Suites ***
Our flagship hotel where 14SB.com will have on-site guides and
hospitality for the duration of the Olympics.  Ideally located on
Granville Street in the heart of the Downtown Entertainment District;
a short jaunt to Granville Island, Yaletown, Davies Street, False
Creek and all the other downtown attractions.
February 10-February 17 (7 NIGHTS) at $3950 per person
February 17-23 (6 NIGHTS) at $3750 per person
February 23-March 2 (7 NIGHTS) at $3950 per person
$975 per night with minimum stay

Blue Horizon Hotel ***
Located on Robson Street, the Central Vancouver shopping district.  
Walk to Stanley Park, Coal Harbor and English Bay.
6 NIGHT packages (February 11-17; February 17-23; February 23-
March 1) at $3950 per person

Howard Johnson Boutique Hotel ***
Located directly across the street from the Ramada on Granville
6 NIGHT packages (February 11-17; February 17-23; February 23-
March 1) at $3950 per person

Plaza 500 (Crowne Plaza) ****
Located just off the Cambie Bridge and Broadway with direct access
to the Airport via the new metro.  Minutes to Downtown Vancouver,
Granville Island and other sights.  Also within a 10 minute drive to
funky Commercial Drive as well as Kitsilano.
6 NIGHT packages (February 11-17; February 17-23; February 23-
March 1) at $4750 per person

What's Included in the price?
- Private Airport Transfer to/from Hotel
- 14SB.com Lounge Hospitality (on-site assistance/hospitality area
with snacks/drinks/maps, TVs, etc.)
- 14SB.com Banquet Dinner (with big screen TVs to watch
Opening/Closing Ceremonies)
- Downtown Vancouver Nightlife Pub Crawl (Date TBD)
- 14SB.com Tour Guide Assistance during your stay
- Access to 14SB.com Ticket Concierge

Terms and FAQs
* All Prices are in US Dollars
* In order to book, 100% payment is required
* Refunds and/or cancellations after this point will not be accepted,
although packages are transferable
* Tickets and/or airfare are NOT included in the price
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2010 Winter Games Travel Packages
Vancouver & Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
February 12 - 28, 2010

Other Vancouver 2010 Hotels & Packages

Available Hotels:
Hotel Le Soleil (Suites)
Inn at Westminster Quay

All Travel Packages:
Include Accommodations as selected
Daily Breakfast
SkyTrain Transportation Pass
Services of 14SB.com Tour Staff All Taxes and Service charges

This is a sample of the type of hotels that we will be using. 14SB.com is not
associated with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), Canadian
Olympic Committee (COC), or the Vancouver Olympic Committee for
the 2010 Winter Games.

Hotel Le Soleil (Suites)
Hotel Le Soleil, a luxury downtown hotel, situated in the heart of Vancouver's
financial, shopping, and business districts. Named as "One of the Top 100
Hotels in the World”, Le Soleil has also received AAA’s 4 Diamond rating.
Features include 24 hour business center and room service, mini bar, high
speed internet access, bar and restaurant, as well as walking distance to
most Downtown venues and attractions.
Dates Double Single Additional Guest
Feb 11 - Feb 17 (Six Nights) $5,850 $10,585 $1,850
Feb 17 - Feb 23 (Six Nights) $5,850 $10,585 $1,850
Feb 23 - Mar 1 (Six Nights) $5,850 $10,585 $1,850

Inn at Westminster Quay   
Overlooking the mighty Fraser River, The Inn at Westminster Quay Hotel is
located in the heart of historic New Westminster not far from the Vancouver
excitement. This terrific hotel features over 120 unique, custom designed
rooms with majestic waterviews, free high speed internet access, features
that suit both corporate and leisure travelers, and offers
skytrain access to downtown Vancouver.
Dates Double Single Additional Guest
Feb 12 - Feb 16 (Four Nights) $2,185 $3,450 $1,335
Feb 16 - Feb 19 (Three Nights) $1,685 $2,850 $1,150
Feb 19 - Feb 22 (Three Nights) $1,685 $2,850 $1,150
Feb 22 - Feb 25 (Three Nights) $1,685 $2,850 $1,150
Feb 25 - Mar 1 (Four Nights) $2,185 $3,450 $1,335

Package Prices are per person in USD and are based on single or double
occupancy. Maximum of four people in a room: 2 adults and 2 small children.
Prices are subject to change based on availability. All reservations must be
accompanied by payment (100%).
Additional Nights prior to February 11, 2010 and after February 28, 2010 are
based on availability and are limited.

Airport Transfers: will be offered at a later date.

Winter Games Spectators Transportation: SkyTrain is the Greater Vancouver
region's automated rail rapid transit system and major part of TransLink's
integrated transportation network including, buses, ferries and commuter rail.
Running on electricity, SkyTrain is emission-free and energy efficient.
Travelling high above traffic on elevated guideways means that you fly past
traffic. The fleet of 210 cars provides frequent service on trains running every
2 to 8 minutes. SkyTrain offers you a safe, reliable and efficient way of travel.
SkyTrain connects you to an extensive network of buses, SeaBus ferries,
West Coast Express Commuter rail and Handy DART custom transit.

For further detail, Booking Form, Terms and Conditions contact us. If you
have any questions, or if you just need more specific information on the travel
services, tickets, hotels or any other service
call or Email our Winter Games desk.

14SB.com is not associated with the United States Olympic Committee
(USOC), Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), or the Vancouver Olympic
Committee for the 2010 Winter Games.
The Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Please note that arrival and departure patterns are available as the
following three options:
1. Arrival February 11 for 7 nights, departing February 18, 2010
2. Arrival February 18 for 5 nights, departing February 23, 2010
3. Arrival February 23 for 5 nights, departing February 28, 2010


Please be aware that there are no exceptions to this arrival and
departure pattern at this time. Therefore, should you prefer to arrive
February 12th for 7 nights, you will have to confirm February 11th for 7
nights AND February 18th for 5 nights.
Also please be aware that any reservations made during the Olympic
period will require full prepayment at the time of booking and are
completely non refundable.

At this time the room categories that we have available are as follows:
One Bedroom Suite:
All rooms are 475sqft and feature 1 king bed in the bedroom and a
double pull out sofa in separated living area. These rooms are equipped
with 1 bathroom and have varying views around the hotel.
Room Rate: $1849 per night plus 15% tax

Fairmont Gold King Bedded Room:
These rooms are 365sqft available equipped with 1 King bed.
Room Rate: $1949 per night plus 15% tax.

The Fairmont Gold floor offers a exclusive experience with private
check in and checkout. While staying on the Gold Floor you will have
access to the Fairmont Gold Private Lounge which features a cozy
wood burning fireplace, and a selection of magazines, board games,
DVD's and CD's. You will also receive daily complimentary deluxe
breakfast and evening après in the Fairmont Gold Lounge. In addition to
this you will have access to an honor bar with various options. Also all
of the rooms on Gold Floor are equipped with gas fireplaces as well as
marble baths and jetted tubs.
The Fairmont Chateau Whistler during the 2010 OLYMPICS!  BOOK NOW!
30 rooms left starting on Feb. 10th...
19 nights minimum - $950 per night
4 nights minimum - $1175 per night
Call 917-224-1231 or
10 rooms left starting on Feb. 11th...
$875 per night with 18 nights minimum
$950 per night with 4 nights minimum
Call 917-224-1231 or
2010 Winter Games Schedule of Events for the Vancouver Olympics!